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Wyoming State Parks and Cultural Resources
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Cultural Trust Fund Charter Statement

The Wyoming Legislature, recognizing that Wyoming and its people possess a unique cultural heritage, in 1998 passed the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund Act. It was not until 2005 session of the Wyoming Legislature that the Act was funded. This Act created a Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund Board, consisting of 5 persons named by the Governor, whose main statutory duty is to award grants from interest generated from the corpus to non-profit and governmental cultural, historical and arts organizations to promote, preserve, and enhance the unique cultural heritage of Wyoming.


The mission of the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund Board is to serve the citizens of Wyoming by supporting Wyoming's culture and heritage through grant funding of innovative projects for the enjoyment, appreciation, promotion, preservation, and protection of the state's arts, cultural and historic resources; and supporting and investing in Wyoming institutions that help further this mission.

What Projects Are Eligible?

The Cultural Trust Fund Board can provide grant funding for all forms of arts and culture including visual and performing arts, literature, folk art, media arts, areas of the humanities, historic and architectural preservation, design, community cultural celebrations, cultural corridors and other projects promoting Wyoming's unique cultural heritage.

Who Can Apply?

Nonprofit and governmental cultural, historical, and arts organizations may apply. Any qualified Wyoming non-profit organization may apply for funds from the Cultural Trust. This may include private and public non-profit organizations. Successful applicants must provide matching funds or acceptable in-kind contributions from grantees.

How And When Do I Apply?

Applicants must fill out a Cultural Trust Fund Board application form. These forms are available by writing to:

Cultural Trust Fund Board
c/o Renee Bovee
2301 Central Avenue
Cheyenne, WY 82002

How Much Can I Apply For?

The Cultural Trust Fund Board has set a limit of $50.000.00. Each grant application will be weighed on its own merits, the amount and type of in-kind match, the cultural and economic return to the state, and the community.