[ Can't Make it to Cheyenne? ]

Traveling Programs and Prepared Curriculum Available for Use in Your Classroom

[ Wyoming State Legislature ]

[ Wyoming's Legislators Back to School Program ]

If your class is unable to attend the legislative session or would like a legislator to visit your classroom during the interim, the Wyoming's Legislators Back to School Program provides a great alternative to traveling to Cheyenne. The program is designed to teach young people, the nation's future voters and leaders – what it's like to be a state legislator: the processes, the pressures, the debate, the negotiation and the compromise, the fabric of representative democracy. Legislators generally cannot visit classrooms during the months of January-March because of the legislative sessions. For more information about the program and how to schedule a legislative visit, please see: http://www.wyoleg.gov/citizenEngagement/BackToSchoolProgram.

A variety of resources exist to help you, as a classroom teacher, prepare for a visit from a Wyoming legislator to your classroom. The Teacher's Guide offers background information on the goals of the event and activities to use as a complement to the legislator's visit. NCSL makes available, free of charge, a variety of classroom materials for high school, middle school, and elementary school students to be used by state legislators visiting classrooms in conjunction with the program. To request copies of the materials, please contact Associate Legislative Information Officer, Riana Davidson, at (307) 777-7881 or by e-mail at: Riana.Davidson@wyoleg.gov.

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[ Wyoming State Museum ]

[ Discovery Trunk Program ]

The Discovery Trunk Program is part of the Wyoming State Museum's education outreach service. This program is designed to complement the teaching of Wyoming history and history of the American West. Discovery Trunks helps create a unique and challenging learning environment that enhances traditional classroom instruction. The program enables students to better understand and appreciate the history and people of the West through hands-on experience with historical objects. Each trunk contains hands-on reproduction artifacts and a Teacher's Guide (including lesson plans, a description of the artifacts, student activities, and a bibliography). The Museum has trunks available on the following subjects:

  • Frontier Army
  • Mountain Man
  • Plains Indians
  • Wyoming Trails
  • Wyoming Archaeology

To request a trunk, fill out and submit a scheduling form to Nathan Doerr, Curator of Education, as indicated on the form. For questions, please contact Nathan at (307) 777-7021 or via e-mail at nathan.doerr@wyo.gov.

[ Virtual/Online Programs ]

The Wyoming State Museum offers virtual/online programs for classrooms able to access Skype/Skype in the Classroom. Programs may be customized to your needs and may also be offered in conjunction with your use of the Museum’s Discovery Trunks. For questions or to discuss program options, please contact Nathan Doerr at (307) 777-7021 or via e-mail at nathan.doerr@wyo.gov.

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