[ Schedule Your Classroom Visit to Wyoming’s Capitol Complex ]

A Few Things to Consider
When Planning Your Class Visit

Drop Off and Parking:

Street parking for buses is available within the Capitol Complex (Wyoming Supreme Court, Wyoming State Museum, and the Wyoming Historic Governors’ Mansion) and a parking lot is available at the Jonah Business Center for visits to the Wyoming State Legislature. For suggested drop off and bus parking locations, please check with the program coordinator at the particular location.

Group Gathering/Lunch Spaces:

With the exception of the Wyoming State Museum’s multi-purpose room, there are no large gathering spaces available at the program locations. The Museum’s multi-purpose room may be scheduled through Nathan Doerr, nathan.doerr@wyo.gov. For alternative locations available in state-owned buildings during your visit, please contact Cori Phelps, Department of Administration & Information at (307) 777-7768 or cori.phelps1@wyo.gov.

Group Size:

The Wyoming State Legislature and Wyoming Supreme Court can typically accommodate all members of a visiting group at once. The Wyoming State Capitol Exhibit and Program, Wyoming State Museum, and Wyoming Historic Governors’ Mansion request that groups be limited to approximately 25 students, which typically results in groups splitting up between at least two program locations.


We ask that there is at least one chaperone for every 8-10 students. Teachers are included in this ratio.

Travel Time Between Program Locations:

Please plan for 15 minutes of travel time within the Capitol Complex and 30 minutes for traveling to/from the Wyoming State Legislature.

Wireless Internet Access:

Wireless internet is available at some of the program locations. If you require access during your visit, please check with the program coordinator at that particular location.