[ What to Expect: Standards ]

A visit to Wyoming’s Capitol Complex addresses numerous State standards and benchmarks.

Social Studies standards and benchmarks include:

Wyoming State Museum
SS.5.2.1, SS5.2.2, SS5.2.3, SS5.2.4, SS5.3.1, SS5.4.1, SS5.4.2, SS5.4.4, SS5.5.2, SS5.5.3, SS5.5.4, SS5.6.2
SS8.2.1, SS8.2.2, SS8.2.3, SS8.2.4, SS8.4.1, SS8.4.2, SS8.4.4, SS8.5.2, SS8.5.3, SS8.5.4
SS12.2.2, SS12.2.3, SS12.2.4, SS12.4.4, SS12.5.2

Wyoming Supreme Court
SS5.1.1, SS5.1.2, SS5.1.3, SS5.1.4, SS5.1.5
SS8.1.1, SS8.1.2, SS8.1.3, SS8.1.4, SS8.1.6
SS12.1.1, SS12.1.2, SS12.1.3

Historic Governors’ Mansion
SS5.2.1, SS5.2.3, SS5.4.1, SS5.4.2, SS5.4.4
SS8.2.2, SS8.4.1, SS8.4.2, SS8.4.4

Wyoming State Capitol Exhibit
SS5.1.1, SS5.1.2, SS5.1.5, SS5.2.3, SS5.4.1
SS8.1.1, SS8.1.2, SS8.1.6, SS8.2.2, SS8.4.1, SS8.4.2, SS8.4.4
SS12.1.2, SS12.1.5, SSS12.2.1, SS12.2.3, SS12.4.1, SS12.4.2, SS12.4.4

Wyoming State Legislature
SS5.1.1, SS5.1.2, SS5.1.5, SS5.3.4, SS5.4.1, SS5.4.3
SS8.1.1, SS8.1.2, SS8.1.5, SS8.3.1, SS8.3.4, SS8.4.1, SS8.4.3, SS8.4.4
SS12.1.2, SS12.3.1, SS12.3.3, SS12.3.4, SS12.4.4


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