By Wyoming First Lady Carol Mead

Artwork by Wyoming High School Students

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Larry Birleffi - Voice of the Cowboys

If you've ever seen Hartville, Wyoming, population 76, you'll find it hard to imagine the town burgeoning with over 2,000 residents. That's the Hartville of the 1930's and 40's when Larry Birleffi was growing up there. The son a miner, Birleffi always loved sports and traveling down to the University of Wyoming with his father to watch the Wyoming Cowboys play football and basketball.

From his small-town beginnings to his great career as a sports caster, Birleffi tells what it was likegrowing up Italian and as a Catholic. He talks of his entrée into the world of sports broadcasting. Taking the listener through the earliest of glory days for Wyoming Cowboy Sports - the Ev Shelton Era through the darkest days of the Black 14 to his friendship with fellow sportscaster Curt Gowdy -- Larry recalls not only the history of the events but how he felt about them.

As well, you'll hear commentary by those close to Birleffi. They all have one thing in common - they all knew Larry loved the Cowboys and would have never chosen to do anything else!

Part 1
Larry Birleffi - Voice of the Cowboys.

Part 2
Larry Birleffi - Voice of the Cowboys.