By Wyoming First Lady Carol Mead

Artwork by Wyoming High School Students

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Kevin McNiven - Yodler Extraordinaire

Kevin McNiven was born and raised in Western Wyoming where he spent his lifetime riding the mountains and ranges. As a kid growing up, he was always surrounded by music - particularly cowboy music. His father, “a true horseman,” taught Kevin the cowboy tradition of yodeling. Kevin also learned at a young age that if you were a good horseman you could get a job with outfitters and ranches in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Even better - if you could sing and play guitar around the campfire at night to entertain the guests you could pick the outfit you wanted to work for. From his life experiences, Kevin has released three compilations of music about “cowboy life” the Wyoming Division of Tourism deems truly authentic. In fact, he's known as Wyoming’s Singing Ambassador and travels promoting the “Cowboy” state.

Over the years, he has been awarded the Adult Male Yodeling Championship at the Western Music Festival in Tucson, Arizona,twice. As well, he has toured the Scandinavian countries of Europe and opened the 2000 World’s Fair in Hanover, Germany. He continues traveling throughout the United States performing his “Cowboy Campfire Concerts” through story and song based on personal experience. Kevin makes his living operating Wyoming Country Outfitters, subleasing his string of horses to ranches, wagon trains, re-enactments, commercials and movies. They include: Chevy Outdoors, Levi, Bailey Hats and Wah Maker Clothing.

Kevin McNiven
Yodler Extraordinaire