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Jim Geringer

A 10-part oral history of Wyoming's former governor Jim Geringer (1995-2003). Interviewed by historian Mark Junge, produced by Sue Castaneda for the Wyoming State Archives (Wyoming's Dept. of State Parks and Cultural Resources) and funded courtesy of the Wyoming Humanities Council.

Governor Geringer Part 1
Geringer describes his family's German heritage and his upbringing in Wheatland, Wyoming.

Governor Geringer Part 2
Geringer describes his years at Kansas State University, how he met his wife Sherri and their early years together.

Governor Geringer Part 3
Governor Geringer and his wife Sherri discuss farming, Geringer's early years in the Wyoming State Legislature and his first run for the Governor's office.

Governor Geringer Part 4
Governor Geringer discusses events that happened while he was serving in the Wyoming State Legislature and then, a story similar to one told by former Governor Stan Hathaway when he became governor -- pressure by the energy industry. As well, Geringer makes a first mention of the Matthew Shepard case.

Governor Geringer Part 5
Governor Geringer discusses the invention of the Internet and his vision for Wyoming's "technologically connected future" and his relationship to state agency heads.

Governor Geringer Part 6
Governor Geringer discusses the inner workings of the Governor's Offices during his time two terms, his role as a self-described conservationist, and his "kitchen table" conferences with important agency heads.

Governor Geringer Part 7
Governor Geringer discusses Wyoming's water rights issues, the No Child Left Behind mandate and Wyoming's educational system.

Governor Geringer Part 8
Governor Geringer discusses his role in creating the Western Governor's University and his definition of the "New Economy."

Governor Geringer Part 9
Governor Geringer discusses the current healthcare crisis, social issues such as the Matthew Shepard case and gay rights as well as his opinion of the problems he sees President Obama facing with a majority House and Senate.

Governor Geringer Part 10
In this final installment, Governor Geringer discusses his relationships with the Wyoming Heritage Society, state agencies and employee associations, the media and the military. As well, Junge asks him what he considers to be his greatest accomplishments and failures.