By Wyoming First Lady Carol Mead

Artwork by Wyoming High School Students

$6.95 - Paperback

$14.95 - Hardcover

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Wyoming State Parks and Cultural Resources
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A new informational web publication available to the public is the recently launched “SPCR Insider,” a blog that spotlights some of the programs, challenges and accomplishments of the Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources. There are a variety of interesting, educational and just plain cool things accomplished within this department that the public, our customers, don’t know about. It is our hope that through this blog, we can put the spotlight on some of these accomplishments and increase their benefit to the public we serve. A new entry will be added to the blog on a bi-weekly basis, if not sooner. Media outlets are welcome to the content provided in “SPCR Insider.”

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Thursday, September 12, 2013
Records Management

Ever wonder why the State of Wyoming, or any other governmental agency, does something a certain way? Why and how a decision was made? Who was responsible for the implementation of certain governmental policies or procedures? ... more

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